Laurel Lie

Succubus Transfer Student


Succubus Skin

Laurel is the Demonblooded Girl next door with Amazing eyes.

Hot +2 Cold -1 Volatile -1 Dark 1

Infernal Gifts
When you have time and intimacy with someone,
you can bestow them one of the Gifts of Hell.
They must be willing. If they accept, you take a
String on them and they gain the possibility to
spend the Gift in order to gain a nice bonus. When
the Gift’s is spent, you mark experience. You can
bestow Gifts to everyone you like, but nobody
can have more than one Gift bestowed on them
at once.
Choose 2 Gifts that you can bestow. You can get
more through advancement

  •  Gift of Might
    Anyone who has the Gift of Might may spend it to
    get an automatic 10 when lashing out physically.
  •  Gift of Presence
    Anyone who has the Gift of Presence may spend
    it to get an automatic 10 when shutting someone
    down or manipulating an NPC.

 Unfazeable Beauty
When you hold steady, roll with Hot.

 Shapeshifter
You can change your body’s shape and appearance
to look like a specific individual or just different
from your “usual” look. This includes changing
your gender (both aesthetically and functionally),
apparent age, height, weight, eye and hair color,
skin tone, hairstyle, etc. You can even shapeshift
clothes and, if you like so, makeup.


Recently arrived at the school with her single parent mother, Lilith Lie who has accepted a a chemistry teaching position at Redemption High. Laurel doesn’t get to see much of her father since her mom banished him to the nether realm. Mom has told her this is a real opportunity for Laurel too. She can make new friends here and finally have a normal life.

Laurel Lie

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